Act of Contrition motivated by the Gospels

Demonstration of Contrition

There are a wide range of Acts of Contrition recommended in the Rite of Penance. Here are a couple of them.

Demonstration of Contrition (conventional)

O my God, I am healthily upset for having irritated Thee, and I loathe every one of my transgressions as a result of thy just disciplines, yet above all else on the grounds that they outrage Thee, my God, who craftsmanship all great and meriting all my adoration.

I immovably resolve with the assistance of Thy beauty to sin no more and to maintain a strategic distance from the close event of transgression. So be it.

Demonstration of Contrition (exchange structure)

My God, I am upset for my transgressions with my entire existence. In fouling up and neglecting to do great, I have trespassed against you whom I should love over all things.

I immovably mean, with your assistance, to do atonement, to sin no more, and to maintain a strategic distance from whatever leads me to sin.

Our Savior Jesus Christ languished and kicked the bucket over us. In his name, my God, show leniency.

An Act of Contrition roused by the Gospels

Father of kindness, similar to the extravagant child I come back to you and state: “I have trespassed against you and am never again qualified to be called your tyke.”

Christ Jesus, Savior of the world, I supplicate with the contrite criminal to whom you guaranteed Paradise: “Master, recall me in your kingdom.”

Essence of God, wellspring of affection, I approach you with trust: “Purge my heart, and help me to stroll as an offspring of light.”

An Act of Contrition motivated by the Gospels

Master Jesus, you opened the eyes of the visually impaired, mended the wiped out, excused the corrupt lady, and after Peter’s refusal affirmed him in your adoration.

Tune in to my supplication: pardon every one of my transgressions, reestablish your adoration in my heart, help me to live in ideal solidarity with my kindred Christians that I may declare your sparing capacity to all the world.

An Act of Contrition to Our Lord Jesus

Ruler Jesus, you was known as the companion of heathens. By your sparing demise and restoration free me from my transgressions. May your tranquility flourish in my heart and deliver a collect of affection, sacredness, and truth. act of contrition.

An Act of Contrition to Jesus, the Lamb of God

Master Jesus Christ, you are the Lamb of God; you remove the transgressions of the world.

Through the beauty of the Holy Spirit reestablish me to fellowship with your Father, purge me from each stain of wrongdoing in the blood you shed for me, and raise me to new life for the greatness of your name.

An Act of Contrition roused by Psalm 51

Master God, in your integrity show benevolence toward me: don’t look on my wrongdoings, however remove all my blame. Make in me a perfect heart and reestablish inside me an upstanding soul.

The Jesus Prayer

Master Jesus, Son of God, show leniency toward me, a heathen.

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