AL’s Quader calls for ‘social movement’ to combat dengue

“The Aedes mosquito doesn’t follow any political party when it stings. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the issue,” he said.

The AL leader made the remarks at a news conference at the Awami League chief’s offices in Dhanmondi on Friday.

“Those who are creating panic on the issue should come forward and together we can create a social movement. We shouldn’t take the issue lightly as the Aedes mosquito is dangerous. People may die when it bites,” said Quader.

“We’ve already included our party into the campaign. It will hold meetings and rallies to create awareness on the issue.”

More than 8,000 people have been infected with dengue so far this year, and 6,500 of them were admitted to hospitals across the country in July, according to the Director General of Health Service.

The actual number seems much higher as all of the patients do not fall under the government monitoring, said experts.

“Dengue has spread to China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It’s not a local disease anymore but international. Therefore, we can’t ignore it,” Quader said on a question about the government’s initiatives taken to combat the dengue.

“We’ve to keep our people safe from this fatal disease. The prime minister has instructed to save the people. Her office is quite active on the issue as it formed a monitoring cell and gave direction to both city corporations.”

The road transport and bridges minister stressed the need for coordination among all the government agencies in tackling the dengue.

On Priya Saha’s statement, he said, “We’re investigating if Priya Saha’s statement has any link with the rumours. If yes, it will be considered as part of the conspiracy against the government. Then we’ll take necessary measures.”

On lynching incidents, he said the Awami League will hold meetings and rallies throughout the country to aware people about the rumours and lynching incidents.

“The number of lynching cases has decreased but it has to be completely stopped. On behalf of the prime minister, I’ve directed all units of the Awami League to hold meetings, rallies and create awareness among the people about the issue so that they don’t take the law into their hands.”

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