The ‘Climate Bridge Fund’ has been developed through collaboration between the two organisations with the objective of strengthening the resilience of climate vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. The Fund was initiated in November last year and is now ready to start its activities, BRAC said in a statement after the launch […]

What Does Snow Mean In A Dream? What does snow mean in a dream? In the dream world, dreaming of snow reveals essential aspects. Its white color and pure appearance is represented by purity and peace. It is mainly related to the deepest feelings and emotional states of the dreamer. Many authors indicate […]

Biblical Meaning Of Flooding Water In A Dream Biblical meaning of flooding water in a dream Water is a natural element that is quite common in dreams; His presence in them has a lot of symbolism and is mostly about the attitude or mood of the dreamer. There are different […]

What Does It Mean To Dream With Excrement? Biblical meaning of feces in a dream? In the biblical languages, ​​different words are used to refer to the excrement of human beings, birds and beasts. In the Scriptures, the term “manure” is usually used figuratively. Outside the Israelite camp, a “private […]

BIBLICAL MEANING OF HALO AROUND THE MOON What does a halo around the moon mean? “Often you can look up during a clear night and see a bright ring around the moon. These are called halos,”  “They are formed by light bending or refracting as it passes through ice crystals […]

What Do Bears Mean In Dreams Biblically? What do bears mean in dreams biblically? Bears are animals that are related by their behaviors; they all vary depending on their species. That is why it is believed that the fact of dreaming with bears is related to the way we behave and in […]

10 Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You 10 Signs a pisces man is in love with you A free spirit that is difficult to specify; this is how you can describe a Pisces man. The fish always escapes and is challenging to catch, just like Pisces. Have […]

How Does A Sagittarius Woman Act When In Love? How to know if a Sagittarius woman likes you Born between November 23 and December 21, Sagittarians are undoubtedly one of the signs of the zodiac that has more positive energy. Their women, always ready to experience new challenges, ideas and […]