You’ve treated the children and they’re now head lice free. Now, how do you make sure your home is too? The good news is that lice can’t live away from a human host for longer than 24 hours. So if any lice or nits (eggs) have fallen or been brushed […]

I just can’t resist the beautiful, colorful, elegant look of Kendra Scott Necklace jewelry. If you’ve added any of her pieces to your jewelry collection, then you may notice they need a little polishing up from time to time. The official care instructions direct you to keep your Kendra in the […]

How To Clean Ears At Home Naturally?. Ears are organs that we sometimes ignore when it comes to hygiene. However, it is important to sometimes thoroughly clean your ears. Earwax can cause blockages in various ways that can cause discomfort, such as strange noises , and thus affect your optimal hearing. And that is why you […]

5 Best Skin Tightening Cream For Face And Neck. Our skin is our largest organ. It plays an important role in our health. It provides protection against the external environment, regulates body temperature and protects us against infections. That is why it is very important to give sufficient attention to […]

The western region of the country, especially Rajshahi, Chanpainawabganj, Kushtia and Natore in the Padma river basins may experience short-term floods, Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre’s Executive Engineer Md Arifuzzaman Bhuiyan said on Sunday. During the monsoon in July, over 3 million people of 28 districts were hit by a […]

The French champions, who still lead the standings with 15 points from seven games, looked nothing like the team who crushed Real Madrid 3-0 in the Champions League last week, failing to create clear chances at the Parc des Princes. Hassane Kamara headed home in the first half and Boulaye […]

Some 3,000 visitors were beaming into his tiny hometown this weekend, snapping selfies outside the secretive Area 51 military test base, running through sagebrush in alien costumes and dancing to throbbing club beats as part of a viral online joke bewitched to life. Day pointed to the signs nailed to […]

After the Indian commerce ministry announced the decision on Friday, Bangladeshi traders said they were importing onion from the neighbouring country at $250 to $300 per tonne last week. Prices of onion have increased in India after floods hit productions in Maharashtra and Karnataka recently. In Delhi and Kolkata, retail […]