Both sides had shots cleared off the line and Real’s Gareth Bale did put the ball in the net after the interval but his strike was narrowly ruled out for offside and the fixture ended scoreless for the first time since November, 2002. The draw left Barca top on 36 […]

The Sparrow Christian Dream Symbol The small but proud sparrow is one of the most common birds. However, it is often overlooked, its power is taken for granted. Although small, the totem of the animal sparrow is both powerful and productive. His persistence and integrity shows us that we don’t […]

Prophetic Meaning Of Geese Prophetic meaning of geese I want to refer specifically to the black-necked migratory goose, which is a very interesting bird. – They can be seen on earth and they are also very good in the air, as they travel many kilometers, looking for warm lands. – […]

Dolphin Meaning In Christianity Dolphin meaning in christianity Christian symbolism expresses the dolphin as an aspect of Christ. Dolphins seen in Christian art are a symbol of the resurrection. Unlike humans, dolphins have voluntary breathing. That means they have to be aware when they breathe and give the order to their body […]

Dreaming with Eyes: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Dreaming with eyes is an enriching experience. It is a time where you begin to ask yourself real important questions, but always looking for an honest answer. Historically, the eyes have been considered as the window of the soul and the sample of the type […]

Dreaming Of Going Bald Or Having A Hair Loss Interpretations of dreaming of baldness One of the interpretations that the hair has, is that of the vital force, and the power of the person to carry out the things that have been proposed. Dreaming of being bald is, then, a representation […]

What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Owl? What does it mean to dream of an owl? In the dreams very strange things can happen, in this case when we talk about having dreams with owls , it is not something as common as it can be to dream about other animals that […]

The Global AI Night is a free evening event organised by 37 communities all over the world that are passionate about AI on the Microsoft Azure. This is the first time the event was held in Dhaka, on Saturday. Global AI Community, Bangladesh organised the daylong event at Microsoft Bangladesh […]

“Napoli has decided to revoke the position of first-team coach from Carlo Ancelotti,” the club said in a statement. “The relationship of friendship, esteem and mutual respect between the club, its president Aurelio De Laurentiis and Carlo Ancelotti remain intact.”

What Happens Spiritually When You Sleep With Someone? What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone? You may think that sleep with someone and spirituality have nothing to do with each other. Still, if you understand the relationship between the two, you can open yourself up to better intimacy, satisfy […]