Candle flame spiritual meanings                                                                                                          

While burning, candles also speak a language of their own, which you can learn to interpret with some effort. You must have wondered why that candle is acting so strange, well below is the explanation of what a flame does. Keep an eye on! If you are going to make sure there is no draft, even if you walk past it, a flame goes back and forth, so sit at 2 meters away from it, because if you breathe in and out, the flame can affect it.

Take the regular thin candle 2.02 cm, no stumps or larger, if you have a thick stump candle, then take a new one, the first 2/5 cm of a new candle is still possible. When the candle is halfway through, it no longer gets enough oxygen and it goes back and forth, so that means nothing.

With the Xenos they also have pillar candles of 4.5 cm thickness and 10 cm long and they burn out completely. The disadvantage of pillar candles that are thicker than 5 cm is that you can always throw away half of it or you have to make new candles out of it. You can do that again in a knotton roll of kitchen paper just the right size.

Flame points north:  

The north stands for physical manifestation, symbolizing purity, purity, innocence, inner growth, death and rebirth and is paradoxical.

Flame points to east:

The east always stands for birth, the east symbolizes new life, a new beginning, the power of creation, optimism, vision, hope and clarity.

Flame points west:

The west stands for maturity, for inner strength, for the healing of all your wounds. It is the place of love, an open heart, and you can see where life has really brought you.

Flame points to south: 

The south stands for initiation, it stands for your youth; the direction of pure life without any restraint. It is the direction of innocence and the direction of losing your innocence, to come to responsibility. The south is action. And from the action where you have met the full life.

Strong flame:

If your candle burns solidly, it means that power and energy is going to your manifestation, so a very good sign.

Weak flame:

There is opposition, the ritual will probably have to be performed a few more times to achieve the intended success.

Jumping flame:

There are raw emotions and an explosion of energy is taking place.

The flame vibrates for no apparent reason:  The current state changes.

If your candle flame burns firmly:

Is that a good sign, because it shows that all power and energy will be used for the purpose.

The tip of the fire tongue has a light color:  Success, happiness and improvement of the current situation. (But if the glow lasts for a while, the windfall also takes a while)

The flame trembles and is uncertain:

A coming disappointment. The flame is small, gives little light: Be careful when making decisions.

Flame describes a spiral / revolves around its own axis: Indicates the presence of people who want to bring evil to your house.

Flame is slender and slender, seems to want to turn down:  A sign of danger.

The flame is very narrow and high (15-20 cm):  Someone is cheating on you or you will get a financial benefit in the future.

The flame seems to dance and moves in different ways: An ‘energy’ is happy that contact was established and would like to provide comfort or advice.

Sudden quenching without cause:

A disaster report? If the deaf goes a bit more gradually, this is a sign that it is better to start again with setting your goal and to prepare better. It could also be that someone is working against it.

Extinguishing flame:  Your goal is missed, it is best to start over again and this time set your intentions more carefully, it may also be that someone is trying to stop your creation.

The flame continues to burn quietly:   You are listened to carefully.

Flame crackles strongly:

A crackling flame: It may be that someone from the spirit world is communicating with you, trying to tune into this sound so that you understand what is being said.

If the flame crackles strongly:  Is there a disagreement or quarrel about your intention / purpose of burning?              

The flame crackles softly and irregularly: The spirit world communicates with you, the thoughts are pure. The flame is regularly but mildly crackling:  Someone has authority, someone gives orders.

Numbers / numbers are important with various forms of magic, including with magic candles. If you believe in a higher power or an energy that connects us, then it is good to put 1 apart for this in addition to the amount of candles that you burn.

1 candle: is for 1 purpose, 1 person, 1 prayer, or for the beginning of something. 1 candle is a direct question!

2 candles: brings balance and keeps the energy of the candles in the house. For a romantic dinner where the atmosphere and the contact between two people must remain there, you burn 2 candles.

3 candles: is for divine power, for balance, for love that is not physical …. all good consists of 3.

4 candles: is for balance with groups, family etc. Here too the energy stays where it is already present. 4 is earthly (4 points of the compass) and is also used for the progress of material things.

5 candles: is for friends (group balance + 1 for the higher), but also for repairing setbacks.

6 candles:is what is controversial …. for some the 6 is the number of evil, others see it as a perfect number because it is the sum of its own factors (1,2,3) and the sum of 2×3 is. 6 is used for domestic matters and balance. I never burn 6 candles myself, unless it is 2x 3 and this is clearly visible in the color or location of the candles.

7 candles: is often used for occult matters. 7 is a number of the unseen, the philosophical and the spiritual. reverse or neutralize.

8 candles: I have not yet lit a fire, the number 8 is a continuous number, 2 zeros on each other or 2×4 and stands for willpower and individuality. According to some, it is also the number of regrets and you could use 8 candles to make up for something.

9 candles:is for everything that is finite … is perfect, or to achieve this. The number 9 is the ultimate number and is considered a special number with sacred meaning. 9 is also the transition number.

11 candles: is for the special consciousness, balancing between good and evil.

12 candles: is for powerful completeness. There are 12 months, zodiac signs .

13 candles: ..oooo …. for some it is the calling of misfortune and bad friends, but I also hear many people for whom this number means the opposite. Sometimes it is very useful to know which color belongs to which day. Certainly if you want to burn a candle for something that needs extra light and / or warmth in the near future. Even when you want to pick out a color of candles for a special day … or you don’t know how to choose a color for a special ritual.

Finally, I want to give an advice! A general rule is that everything you give will come back 3x … this does not only apply to all positive things, but also in other areas. Remember this very well in advance !!

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