Como Saber Si Mi Visa Americana Está Cancelada? Como saber si mi visa americana está cancelada? Su visa puede ser cancelada o revocada en cualquier momento, por varias razones. Aquí están los más comunes. Una manera fácil, si no ha salido de su país de origen, es llamar a la Embajada […]

Visa Para Estados Unidos Mayores De 60 Años Visa para estados unidos mayores de 60 años Cómo solicitar una visa americana para adultos mayores?. Este artículo te ayudará a responder algunas de las preguntas básicas que puedes tener. Sin embargo, le recomendamos que hable con un abogado experimentado sobre su caso específico para evitar […]

444 MEANING? – The Spiritual Angel Number 444 Meaning. Do you always see the same numbers as 4:44 or 444?. The number combination 444 is one of the most popular combination of repetitive numbers. Upon seeing this combination of numbers you know that you are surrounded by your Angels. Your Angels protect, guide […]

Successful Prayers For Marriage Restoration After Adultery Prayers for marriage restoration after adultery Today, marriages are under massive attack. Marriage is the sacrament by which a man and a woman are united; it is the beginning of a family. These prayers are to give thanks, for married couples in crisis, to ask for a happy marriage. I hope […]

Will God Restore My Marriage After Adultery? Will god restore my marriage after adultery? What to do when there is infidelity in the marriage? There are two options: end or try to make the relationship work. If you have already decided the second one, here we bring you some tips that […]

Does God Forgive Adultery And Accepts The New Relationship? Does god forgive adultery and accepts the new relationship? What common sufferings do separate people experience? The separations are not all the same, they depend on different factors. It is not the same to separate by abandonment, by treason, because coexistence is […]

I Committed Adultery Will God Forgive Me? Is there forgiveness for those who committed adultery? According to the gospel, God’s forgiveness is available to all people. ♦ “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all injustice” (1 John 1: 9). […]

Difference Between Sheep And Goats Biblically Difference between sheep and goats Biblically The Bible mentions that the day will come when the Lord will separate the sheep from the goats, as the shepherds do, making a significant difference between the two. (Matthew 25:31-46) But why the difference between sheep and goats? Is not Jesus the Good Shepherd? Yes, […]

How To Deal With Adultery Biblically What does the Bible say about forgiving infidelity? Among Christians of different churches and denominations, Catholic or not, there are many myths and false information regarding Christian marriage and its obligations. The Bible is very clear in this regard; the information that we can […]

How To Reverse A Curse Biblically? How to reverse a curse Biblically? The “spiritual battle” movement teaches the need to break the hereditary curses and to nullify pending commitments to the devil, even after Christ saved the person. It is shown that we inherited the curses that accompanied our ancestors, […]