Number 23 Meaning In The Bible Meaning of the number 23   Do you know what the number twenty-three means? The number 23 for many will have no meaning, but for others as scientists, researchers, and sports enthusiasts (basketball), it has a meaning. If we focus on numerology, it should be […]

Nose Piercing Meaning In The Bible Nose piercing meaning in the Bible? One of the first records of nose piercing is in the Middle East, about 4000 years ago. The nose piercing is also found in the Bible, more specifically in the Genesis of the Bible (24:22), where we read that Abraham gave […]

Feather Meaning In The Bible – Love And Protection Feather Meaning In The Bible?. Have you found feathers while walking? If so, the angels are transmitting messages to your life. Don’t stay without knowing what they want to tell you. Here we explain what the angels feathers mean. The angels […]

The Sparrow Christian Dream Symbol The small but proud sparrow is one of the most common birds. However, it is often overlooked, its power is taken for granted. Although small, the totem of the animal sparrow is both powerful and productive. His persistence and integrity shows us that we don’t […]

Prophetic Meaning Of Geese Prophetic meaning of geese I want to refer specifically to the black-necked migratory goose, which is a very interesting bird. – They can be seen on earth and they are also very good in the air, as they travel many kilometers, looking for warm lands. – […]

Dolphin Meaning In Christianity Dolphin meaning in christianity Christian symbolism expresses the dolphin as an aspect of Christ. Dolphins seen in Christian art are a symbol of the resurrection. Unlike humans, dolphins have voluntary breathing. That means they have to be aware when they breathe and give the order to their body […]

Dreaming with Eyes: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Dreaming with eyes is an enriching experience. It is a time where you begin to ask yourself real important questions, but always looking for an honest answer. Historically, the eyes have been considered as the window of the soul and the sample of the type […]