Dreaming Of Going Bald Or Having A Hair Loss Interpretations of dreaming of baldness One of the interpretations that the hair has, is that of the vital force, and the power of the person to carry out the things that have been proposed. Dreaming of being bald is, then, a representation […]

What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Owl? What does it mean to dream of an owl? In the dreams very strange things can happen, in this case when we talk about having dreams with owls , it is not something as common as it can be to dream about other animals that […]

What Happens Spiritually When You Sleep With Someone? What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone? You may think that sleep with someone and spirituality have nothing to do with each other. Still, if you understand the relationship between the two, you can open yourself up to better intimacy, satisfy […]

Spiritually How Does The Number 33 Relates To God? Spiritually how does the number 33 relates to God? The number 33 is a master number, which gives the potential to grow to higher consciousness. Your masterly energy is connected with healing, compassion, and with the growth into the Christ consciousness. […]

What Does Water Mean In A Dream Spiritually? What does water mean in a dream spiritually? Today we discuss what it means when the essential element of water appears in your dream. Water is a powerful element and carries a lot of meaning. Water is often a symbol of clarity, […]

Prophetic Meaning Of Rabbit Prophetic meaning of rabbit The Rabbit is an animal whose essence and energies have something paradoxical. Depending on the culture in question, people looked at this rodent in various ways. In Greek mythology, for example, the Rabbit was connected to the goddess Hecate. In Egyptian hieroglyphs, […]

Prophetic Meaning For Gatekeeper Prophetic meaning for gatekeeper In ancient times the gatekeeper served in various places: the city gates, the temple doors, and even at the entrances of homes. The porters in charge of the city gates had to make sure they were closed at night and were in […]

Prophetic Intercessors In The Bible Prophetic intercessors in the bible The Prophetic Intercessor “The Gatekeeper” And if they are ashamed of all that they have done, make known to them the form of the temple and its arrangement, its exits and its entrances, all its forms, all its regulations, all […]

Characteristics Of Prophetic People Characteristics of prophetic people What is a prophet anyway? A prophet is someone who speaks to people on behalf of God. A prophet made known the will of God, called people back to God, and warned the people of God’s judgment for the bad things they […]

Prophetic Dreams About Lions Prophetic dreams about lions Dreams, many times, are the reflection of what we live daily. But when we give the attention and importance required, they give us a series of codes and reflections on situations that are influencing our daily lives, which is why we must […]