Dog Flabby and Listless: The Most Common Causes! If the dog is flabby and listless lethargic and not himself, nothing can be animated and no favorite toy or super treat can entice him, then he is not in a bad mood, but it is important to find out what is missing. […]

10 Fantastic Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog Fantastic ways to strengthen the bond with your dog. Life is busy-busy-busy and technology is everywhere today. No matter how bright we are in our daily merry-go-round, it is very important to spend time with our dog every day. We may have […]

What Can I Substitute For Oatmeal In A Cookie Recipe? What can I substitute for oatmeal in a cookie recipe? If you are looking to diversify your diet, we will tell you with what food you can replace oatmeal without significantly changing your usual intake. To vary your Cookies, you can replace oatmeal, with other […]

Make Your Own Detergent Up To 18 Times Cheaper! Three million tons of detergents are produced per year in USA alone. The components are not, or only to a limited extent, biodegradable and accumulate in surface water, soil and fish. Ordinary laundry detergents largely consist of petrochemical raw materials, based on […]

The Most Common Essential Oils From A To Z Anyone can integrate aromatherapy into their daily life. Essential oils can not replace regular medicines, but they can support your physical and mental well-being. Most essential oils are obtained by distillation or pressing (citrus peel). These extraction methods extract the oil from a specific part of the plant. The vitality of a […]