Discover your spirituality and telepathy

Just like you are planning to call a good friend or send a message to your partner, you see your mobile light up with a message to your surprise. Or if you suddenly realize that it is high time to finally send that one e-mail that you have not received, you will discover that you have just received a message at that moment. Is this a coincidence or is it indeed true that there are also other forms of communication sources from the ‘ether’ ?

What will you discover in this article

  • What is telepathy?
  • How does telepathy work
  • You can also develop telepathy yourself

Discover your spirituality and telepathy

But what is the definition of telepathy and how does it workThis is a question that you have undoubtedly kept busy with. Telepathy is your natural ability to communicate remotely through your thoughts and feelings with those who are very occupied at that moment. Telepathy happens without other aids or communication means . Apparently you are also able to be in contact with others in a way that is usually unconscious. You do not make contact and you do not communicate through your physical senses such as your ears, nose, eyes, taste, smell or vocal cords

Telepathy is your natural spiritual ability or sixth sense, with which you have the ability to communicate through your intuition.

The interesting thing is that you use your telepathy, or your forgotten natural power, daily. So you have a beautiful, valuable and natural tool with which you communicate from your feelings. With this you make contact with every life form and it is your heart connection that works together with your brain . Your heart as the gateway to your own inspiration, functions day and night.

This connection and form of contact has always been there and an ancient mechanism, even to surviveJust as it is very common in the animal world to make contact through telepathy, it is also a wonderful quality for yourself as a human being, which mother nature has given you. The big difference is that it is made almost impossible for you as a person to be and stay perfectly aligned with your telepathic abilities. The pressure of Western society and everything that you are exposed to, which you have to comply with, form true lightning rods in order to be able to stand truly mindfull in life. This is of course very different with the indigenous cultures scattered around the world.The big game breakers such as the mobile network, television and a lot of things on the way from A to B give you so many incentives and distractions that it is quite a job to offer your inner knowing the peace it desperately needs. Covering yourself in a small world, where peace and quiet together with nature determine your moments, works optima forma to be fully aligned with your telepathic qualities.

This is very different in the animal world. Animals cannot be different than in the present . They are truly in the moment and it is this moment when they are fully attuned to their instinctive telepathic powers. This naturally also needs the animal world to survive. Through the telepathic senses, for example, your dog or cat knows that you are on the way home. Your dog is already waiting fifteen minutes before you arrive on the doormat and your cat is sitting on the window sill in front of the window. They feel, know and experience through a unique subtle material and spiritual network, in great detail how you are doing.

You must have had a meeting or been in a situation that did not feel right. Against your better judgment, at the time you went along with that atmosphere, in which you later regretted that you did not listen to your intuition or spiritual knowledge . This was then also made clear to you via telepathy, however, there was a lack of coordination at that time. Your headaches reached the finish earlier.

Then it is interesting to know that you only use 10 percent of your brain capacities. At least, according to the latest scientific studies. Who knows what your other 90 percent of your brain is used for!

Telepathy and children

Children are fully attuned to their telepathy from birth . It is so obvious for them that your child does not even think about it. In fact, children can react very surprised if you do not respond to the information that they experience and know so strongly. While observing your baby, it is interesting to discover that your child knows very well what is going on in you, what the moods are like and what you want to make clear. If babies and young children cannot speak yet, they communicate via their natural telepathy .

Observing children and thereby the art of attunement to your intuition or paranormal abilities – as this is popularly called – is certainly an interesting activity. You will then notice that information is being put in your head. This information is often mentally and logically reasoned, but how you get the information often remains a gray area

Because of all the adjustments, rules, norms and values ​​of the outside world, society and study requirements, you gradually leave an important part of yourself . Namely that which just so incredibly belongs to you and it has been like that for hundreds of years with most. You learn to communicate primarily physically, while it is so limited in what you really want to express . This with the result that being aware of your energy transfer and actually feeling, is greatly reduced.

Becoming the way you ought to be according to society, is settled in gold. While being able to stay as you are, the most beautiful wealth you can receive. Unfortunately, it is often a lifelong journey and search to find yourself again.

In short, if you make the choice to reclaim your telepathic powers, don’t let anyone stop you . An exciting and priceless journey awaits you . You become aware of the unconscious.

How does telepathy work

You are enveloped by the large energy field, the cosmic energy or life energy and it is this energy that connects everything together. You are part of this morphomagnetic field, which also includes the Akasha Chronicles, and at the same time you are an important link. In other words, you form one large organic whole with this universal energy and this makes it possible to communicate via telepathy. Telepathy takes place via this energy connection. The more you become aware of this, the closer you get to yourself.

Fish that swim in schools and birds that fly and swarm are fully coordinated by telepathy . For example, think of the beautiful and impressive figures that Starlings make in the air to outwit the Birds of Prey. Not a single Starling has any doubts and no one makes a different flight. Fully and unconditionally aligned with the Large Energy Field, they dance their dance through the invisible forces of The Field .

Horses and system setups via Horses work in exactly the same way. In a family or system setup, the Horse functions as your mirror. Through his or her natural abilities and telepathic powers, the Horse establishes a connection with you and that which are the bottlenecks in your subconscious. So the Horse communicates with you through this energy exchange and shows exactly what you can solve for yourself.

How impressive is this. Certainly if you consider that you too have these capabilities at your disposal . At the same time it is sad when you realize how many adjustments you have made as a child, but also your parents and ancestors. Programmed and removed from an impressive power. Your own strength. Materialization also plays a major role in this . Deeply hidden in the Jungles and alive on the wild Steppes of Argentina, you stay close to yourself and the telepathy of nature.

What do I need to develop my telepathy

Telepathy is therefore your direct ability to transfer your thoughts, feelings and information to others remotelyThe term telepathy originated in the 18th century by the co-founder of the Psychological Research Society, Frederic WH Myers. This British poet and philologist – linguistics who focuses primarily on dead languages ​​- revised Plato’s insights, giving new life to telepathy from parapsychology.

Back then and of course centuries before, it was already clear that telepathy is also used while in contact with the deceased, loved ones, loved ones and civilizations from the subtle worlds

Telepathy is your primal force, which manifests itself in feeling and invisible words and language. Everyone speaks this language and everyone can use it. Telepathy is your birthright of existence and was there before you speak on a physical level. So you can’t learn it, all you have to do is remember.

If you familiarize yourself again with this primordial source, knowledge about this is the first step. After all, knowledge is power. Becoming aware again so that you can then say ‘yes’ to yourself. Then you can start practicing. During your exercises it is important to trust that telepathy is actually intertwined with you and that you form a whole with your primal force.

Next, the following topics are important to shift your focus and to be mindful in the moment

  • Body awareness
  • Relaxation and relaxation exercises
  • Silence and silence exercises
  • To drink water
  • Swimming
  • A nice space
  • Mindfulness
  • In connection with your Heart
  • Awareness of your thoughts and thought forces
  • Surrender
  • Trust your insights

Treat this in a playful way and trust your intuition and feeling. Dare to act accordingly . However threatening this may be. The more you dare to trust, the more powerful your telepathy and cosmic consciousness will work again. The metaphor of a muscle that you make more powerful through the gym fits well with this. That which has fallen and has been lying still is brought back to a healthy level .

Trust and surrender in your cosmic plan and that you are under accurate and loving guidance are not only important. This also helps you through times of setback and offers you the firm confidence that there are wonderful powers around you. At the same time you become aware of which natural forces you have .

The physical communication parts that you use are defective if you really want to be in contact with animals or small children. This also applies to people who invite you to be in contact with them through a special communication skill . You can think for example of an autism spectrum disorder, deafness, poor vision or even blindness.

Being in contact through energy transfer and telepathy are often very powerfully developed with them and also invite you to ignore the apparent limits of your physical means of contact. Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo have released the beautiful song ‘Fall On Me’ , with a beautiful video in which the white light is central. 

Exercise to become aware of your telepathic abilities

Take a moment of silence and turn your attention inside . Hereby you stay in the here and now , in the moment and you also make contact with your physical bodyWhen you are connected to yourself, your body and the silence, you lovingly bind a beautifully colored ribbon from the inside of your head to your pineal gland through your thoughts . You then lower this slowly through your throat chakra to your heart, then roll your ribbon even further until your lower abdomen, your first chakra.

Head, heart and lower abdomen now form a connection and according to you set down the intention that you disable this connection for the entire day. If you just start your day with this in silence, you might even discover that the other 90 percent of your brain does quite a lot of work.

You will notice that as you connect with yourself, more and more information comes out of the fog through your telepathy and your intuition . Possible consequences such as crossing your borders, for example, will occur less and less. You feel, know or taste from your natural ‘me’ what is and isn’t good for you. It is also important to pay attention to the extremely subtle clues that come to you from the outside world. 

The more you control you can let go and your surrender can increase, the easier you walk around obstacles and challenges. Relaxation and inner peace get more and more space and everything you have to do costs you less effort. A note from your colleague, the imprint of a truck, the butterfly that lands on your glass for a moment, or perhaps that you have just missed the bus and that you are later informed that unpleasant situations have occurred around that travel time. The soul world is in tireless and unconditional contact with you through telepathy , to give you the clues that are important to you.

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